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 September 2023: 

After 20 years of wedding planning around the world I have retired from the wedding industry to live my happily ever after in Italy with my husband and to focus on being a full-time author. 

My colleagues who I refer enquiries to, are fully booked for 2024 and 2025. 

I wish you the best of luck with your wedding plans and future together. 

Rosie  (no longer) The Wedding Planner!

Wedding Venues In Italy

Below are the locations and venues we have dealt with in the past but we are always exploring new venues

Island Weddings

Coastal and beach weddings in Italy in Sardina, Sicily, Elba

Lake Weddings

Lake Garda & Lake Como Weddings

Weddings in Umbria


Cilento Coast Weddings

Sandy Beaches and Castles, Cilento hides just South of Amalfi Coast

Weddings in Puglia

Beach Weddings, Trullies and White Washed Masserias in the Heel of Italy

Sample Wedding Plans In Italy

Below are some sample wedding plans from previous enquiries to give you some ideas

Sample Wedding Plans with Prices
AC9 Cliff Edge Wedding Venue Sorrento

AC9 Cliff Edge Wedding Venue Sorrento

- Co- ordinator on your wedding day - Assistance with paperwork in Italy - Consular fee, Court fee, Apostilla duty stamps - Concordato legal procedure - Bookings of the Church - Lodging all the paperwork with the Italian appropriate authorities - Personal wedding...

AC 7 Wedding Villa in Sorrento

AC 7 Wedding Villa in Sorrento

Wedding Villa with sea view in Italy. Price of wedding for 40-100 guests included in this sample wedding plan for Sorrento/Amalfi Coast wedding venue.

Now taking bookings for 2021 Weddings
A Favourite Wedding Venue for 2022

A Favourite Wedding Venue for 2022

Agriturismo La Dogana is a beautiful family-run agriturismo on the boarder of Tuscany and Umbria, set amongst 4,000 olive trees with stunning views of Lake Trasimeno. Minutes from popular buzzing Umbrian towns of Passignano, Cortona and Tuoro sul Trasimeno can cater for weddings up to 90 guests.

Answers to Questions You May Have About Weddings In Italy

How much does a wedding in Italy cost?
As you can imagine this is like asking how long is a piece of string! However, here’s a way to get a rough estimate for a wedding in an agriturismo: Estimate their number of guests and multiply it by 200. Then add 6000. This will give you an estimate for your wedding ceremony, reception and the services couples usually book such as music, transportation, photography and flowers.

So for 100 guests you can estimate 100×200 = 20000 plus 6000 = 26,000 euro

However, venues vary greatly in how much they charge for menus, rental, etc. and service providers vary greatly in price too so your wedding could cost less or more than this.

What wedding services do you offer?
Rosie The Wedding Planner is a wedding planning company that offers a full destination wedding planning service. We have been in business over 17 years and we now focus exclusively on weddings in Italy and Indian weddings in Ireland. However, Rosie has trained and mentored wedding planning for the past 8 years and now has a network of planners throughout the world who are running their own successful wedding planning businesses whom she can refer you on to for other destinations such as New York, Ireland, France, Dubai, Mauritius, Germany, UK and Spain.

For weddings in Italy we help you source the right wedding venue that suits the style of wedding you want and then we source the wedding services you need, such as catering, transport, musicians, flowers and decor plus we help you with any legal paperwork required. We are there on the day to ensure your wedding day goes without a hitch.

Rosie The Wedding Planner is managed by Rosie The Wedding Planner together with a small team of wedding planners who all have at least 10 years experience of specialised wedding planning. We take on up to 20 weddings per year and Rosie personally matches you with the best planner for your location and needs.

We also have a full professional wedding photography service based in Italy. Click here to see more details of our Italy wedding photographer service.

What do wedding planners charge?
In general, wedding planners usually charge about 10% of your wedding budget.

We offer both tailored packages and bespoke wedding planning. For tailored packages the price of wedding planning is built in to the basic package and is about €1500 plus any additional staff we may need on the day depending on the size of your wedding.

Bespoke planning costs €3,000 approx depending on the location and the planning needed.

What are the best months for weddings in Italy?
May, June and September and up to mid October are great months as the temperatures are usually not too high.

July is a good month too but tends to be more expensive and gets quite hot.

I don’t recommend August, temperatures can get very hot and it’s also the month when most Italians go on holiday so it is often difficult to book services and venues. It’s also more expensive.

April and October are changable, you could be lucky and have great weather or you could get bad weather. I generally recommend from mid April to mid October (excluding August) for weddings in Italy.



What are the steps to take to planning a wedding in Italy?
Step 1. Fill out the Enquiry Form and Rosie will then send you a step by step guide to how we work with clients.
Do you only do weddings in Italy?
Yes Rosie has focused exclusively on weddings in Italy since 2018. However, Rosie has trained and mentored wedding planning for the past 8 years and now has a network of planners throughout the world who are running their own successful wedding planning businesses whom she can refer you on to for other destinations such as New York, Ireland, France, Dubai, Mauritius, Germany, UK and Spain.
Do you offer on the day wedding co-ordination in Italy?
We do not offer partial wedding planning nor on the day wedding co-ordination without planning. We only offer a full wedding planning service. We do offer an on the day photography service. You can see our website here English speaking Wedding Photographer in Italy.
What wedding ceremonies are available in Italy?

Symbolic Wedding Ceremonies

Symbolic wedding ceremonies can be very romantic ceremonies performed indoors or outdoors. There are trained professionals who can work with you to create a beautiful, romantic, meaningful ceremony but you can also get a friend or family member to perform the ceremony if you prefer. Symbolic ceremonies do not have any legal standing so it is up to the couple to consider attending this before or after their return from Italy.

Civil Wedding Ceremonies in Italy

Civil wedding ceremonies in Italy need to be performed by the Lord Mayor or their elected person. These ceremonies usually need to take place in the town hall which are often beautiful historic buildings which are very pretty. There are some outdoor locations in Italy that can perform civil ceremonies but not many. This is why a lot of couples who have their hearts set on an outdoor wedding ceremony in Italy, choose to do the legal side at home and do a romantic symbolic ceremony in Italy. Paperwork required for civil ceremonies in Italy varies depending on your nationality and circumstances.

Religious Wedding Ceremonies in Italy

Catholic wedding ceremonies are the most common religious ceremonies in Italy and are legally binding, we can advise you on the paperwork required, etc. Italian towns and villages have amazing Catholic churches and most parishes allow destination weddings but some do not (it is at the discretion of the Bishop). Sourcing an english speaking priest is also a challenge we can help with when we are doing the planning of your wedding.

Many historic venues have a chapel on the estate, however it is important to understand that these were built for family use only so they are often small and not attached to a parish so it is often not possible to have a legally binding wedding ceremony in them.

Other Christian faiths are not so common in Italy and it can be challenging to find celebrants to perform the ceremony, the best advice would be to bring your own minister.

Italy is becoming increasing popular for Indian weddings (we love planning them!) and we know a lot of the vendors required for planning the perfect Indian wedding.

Jewish ceremonies and events are also very doable in Italy.

What is the difference between a Bespoke and Package Wedding Plan?
A tailored wedding package is most suitable for those who want to keep their planning as simple and easy as possible. They are also suitable for those on a fixed budget or who do not have time to dedicate to planning their wedding. We offer plans which include all the basics needed such as catering, venue, planning and some services. The prices in the plan will be fixed at the time of booking so the couple have the comfort of knowing exactly how much the services booked in the plan will cost. The

A tailored plan is tailored to your wedding such as guest numbers and it is possible to add other services required but ofcourse this will increase the price of your wedding. If you cancel services out of the plan you will not get the full value as many of the services included are special offer prices offered to us by service providers for a fixed number of weddings each year. So Tailored wedding packages are better value than Bespoke wedding plans.

Bespoke plans are ideal for those who want to be very involved in the planning and logistics of their wedding and who have specific ideas or of what they want and are less restricted with their budget.





Do you plan weddings all over Italy?
We cover the majority of regions in Italy and have our favourite venues in most, but we are open to suggestions if you have found somewhere you particularly love. See below for the different regions that are most popular.

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