The exchange of rings is the most significant part of your day. Wedding rings are a thing of beauty. They are also small, expensive and in hot weather with wedding nerves in tow, they can prove to be slippery little things that can be easily dropped, lost or forgotten!

Dropping the rings can be especially drastic if you are having a destination beach wedding! So here are 5 tips to look after these little ultra important things on the days up to the wedding and on the big day itself. If you haven’t bought your wedding rings yet, click here to have a look at some beauties!

  1. Often the jeweller will package your wedding rings in a plastic box with their logo on it which isn’t very pretty. Buy a pretty wedding ring box to store your rings in – the box is a nice keepsake of the day and is less likely to get forgotten or mislaid on the wedding day.
  2. Don’t use an ordinary small cushion for your ring pillow. Get a proper ring pillow as these have ribbons attached which you can securely tie the rings to.
  3. Your hands can swell in the heat and with nerves. Simply rub a little bit of hand lotion on your ring finger before the walk down the aisle. This will help the ring glide onto your finger for a picture perfect moment.
  4. A Warming of the Rings Ceremony is a beautiful way to involve your guests. However I always advise couples to get thin white wedding ribbon and get the groomsmen to pass it along to each row of guests before threading the rings on to it. Ideally have a grooms man on each end of the row of guest seats. If the rings slip from the guests hands they will remain safe on the ribbon.
  5. Get your engagement ring cleaned before the big day so it sparkles in photos. If you don’t have time to get it cleaned, rub with toothpaste it does a great job!