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I’m Rosie The Wedding Planner from Dublin, Ireland.  I’ve been planning weddings around the world since the start of this century, at one point in my career I was offering over 4,000 locations in 80 different countries. I started to specialise in destination weddings to Italy about 5 years ago. Everytime I travelled to Italy for a wedding I fell in love with the country and the people more and more. So in 2018 I took the big step and moved with my family to Italy. It has been an amazing adventure and I still can’t believe we are here!

My husband and I are both professionally trained wedding photographers (we met 25 years ago when we were both involved in magazine publishing), so this compliments my wedding planning business and the services we can offer to destination wedding clients. Sometimes we do both the planning and photography for clients but we also offer both as separate services. You can see some of the recent weddings in Italy I planned and which we photographed also on our Italy wedding Photographer website.

If you are thinking of having your wedding in Italy then let’s get started, click here and let me know about the wedding in Italy you envisage.

Living in Italy allows me to visit venues easier, learn the language and my favourite thing is to visit the beautiful villages and towns at and browse the antique markets many have at the weekends. My big dream was to find a venue in Italy which I could help develop into the Ultimate Destination wedding venue for my future wedding clients. Within weeks of arriving I found the perfect place close to where I live overlooking Lake Trasimeno on the Tuscan Border. You can read about my ideal wedding venue in Italy here.  While developing this venue has been my pet project I still offer weddings in other parts of Italy including Tuscany, the Lakes, Rome, Amalfi coast and Puglia.



I do a maximum of 20 weddings per year between April and October and I like to keep the planning process as simple and as stress free as possible for my couples.

While I sometimes do luxury weddings with budgets of €100,000+ , the majority of my clients spend between €20k – €40k on their wedding in Italy and they often have similar things they want for their wedding in Italy.

Most of my clients ideal wedding venue in Italy list usually includes:

  • An idyllic reception location with a water view or in an olive grove or vineyard
  • Great food and wine
  • Near a town so there are places for guests to go
  • Not too far from airports
  • Fairy lights and candlelight ambience with dancing outdoors under the stars
  • Late night music allowed
  • A beautiful pool
  • A venue reasonably priced where the majority of their guests can stay with other options in the area
  • Near main roads so it is easy to find, for guests who are hiring cars
  • Simple but a ‘Pinterest Pretty’ location
  • Romantic outdoor ceremony location choices
  • Options for pizza party and BBQ the night before and after the wedding
  • Doable within a reasonable budget
  • Overall: Pretty, simple, beautiful and fun!

If these are some of the things on your list then do get in touch and I’ll send you some ideas 🙂 Click here to tell me what you would like for your wedding in Italy.

Beside’s planning and photography I enjoy mentoring people who want to start their own wedding planning business and I am happy to say this has been hugely successful. As a result I now have a network of well trained wedding planners offering Ireland, UK, Spain, France, Dubai, Mauritius and New York.


Rosie The Wedding Planner is an internationally recognised Destination Wedding Specialist, magazine publisher and marketer. She won the ‘International Women in Publishing Award 1996′ and created the marketing sensation of The Ultimate Job in the World in 2010. This led her to co-ordinating 86 wedding vow renewals on 5 continents for one couple in less than 6 months in a Guinness world record breaking attempt of ‘Most Vow Renewals by One Couple’! Rosie is a published author and has tutored journalism, wedding planning and event planning at third level.

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