Most wedding venues and vendors can be booked more than a year in advance. If possible, take advantage of this window of opportunity. Should something go wrong, it will provide you with more time to make alternative arrangements. Also, be aware that some vendors will actually charge more if you order or book things at the last minute. 

Shop Around And Deal With Trustworthy People

Before booking anything you should shop around and get an idea of current prices for each category of your client’s wedding. Don’t partner with the first vendor you meet with. When starting ask around with their family, friends, network contacts, etc. and get their recommendations about services they may have used.

Get Everything In Writing

It would seem obvious to do this, but a lot of couples tend to go on “faith” regarding what a vendor says, then are shocked when the vendor doesn’t follow through. Get everything, down to the smallest detail, in writing and be sure that both your client and the vendor agree on all points before signing any contract. Include exact descriptions, e.g. if your client is ordering flowers: how many bouquets, the exact type and colour of the flowers, etc.

Photographers And DJs

When booking these services with a company, often your client may wish to have a particular photographer/videographer and DJ for their wedding because they have seen their work or heard their play style and really like it. If you haven’t dealt with the service provider before, find out what the client particularly likes about their service and detail this requirement on the contract.