Baraza is not only perfect for your destination wedding, but has such beautiful villas and impeccable service that you’re in danger of not wanting to leave. Our wedding ceremony here was a wonderful example of a personal ceremony with a drop dead stunning location. 

The wedding was right on the beach, under a purpose built canopy decorated with local flowers and palm leaves. There was a hilarious moment when I forgot to walk through the archways and just headed to Mark, but I backtracked and did it properly!

We were literally metres from the sea and had Father Charles perform the sweet ceremony. Afterwards, photos on the beach require no photoshop, it’s literally that blue and perfect!

Dinner was a romantic private table by the beautifully lit swimming pool and the midnight sky and stars above us. With the attentive service and the grounds stretching out in the background, it feels like you’re the luckiest couple in the world.

After living in London for so long, it’s a glorious occasion to eat outdoors with a warm breeze blowing, and it’s certainly a romantic atmosphere. 

Of course, the love continued the next day. Breakfast in bed (whatever you want, but we opted for the fruit plate and fresh juice) and then a private yoga class, followed by a visit to the Frangipani Spa for an hour long aroma-soul massage, which almost put us in a relaxation coma and then another swim in the pool. 

Lunch overlooking the beach and then some sun-bathing while I read a book I picked up in the gorgeous library. I would have loved to stay reading in there, but seriously – I have to enjoy the sun whenever it’s out.

I also had a browse around the beautiful Baraza Bazaar, the in-house shop which has an exquisite boutique of up-market clothes (think jewelled caftans and beautiful gypsy skirts), glasses and bowls, place settings and home decorations like photo frames, and my favourite – gorgeous jewellery, both brightly coloured beads and sterling silver pieces. Perfect for either a really nice present or a reminder of your honeymoon to keep forever. 

All in all, a beautiful and memorable renewal, and definitely one that we would have enjoyed for our “real” wedding. We’re so sad to leave!