How To Be A Wedding Planner

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Would you like to start your own glamorous wedding planning business? Would you like to be your own boss, have the freedom to work from home, great travel opportunities and help brides-to-be have amazing weddings?

How TO Become A Wedding Planner Course

Maybe you are wondering if there is a demand for wedding planners, how do wedding planners get clients and which wedding planning course is the best?

If so you have come to the right place!

I’m Rosie The Wedding Planner and I’ve been wedding planning for over 10 years and blogging and writing media features about weddings since 2007.

I now mentor ‘Want-To-Be Wedding Planners’ and through my ‘Ultimate Wedding Planner Program’ , I offer a full comprehensive wedding planner business training program.

However, if you are thinking of this as a profession I want you to be sure it’s what you want to do before you spend a cent on any training.

That’s why I started a regular ezine specifically aimed at those thinking of wedding planning as a career, it will help you see what I do and if the work and lifestyle of a wedding planner suits you. I believe whatever you do in life as a job should be something you are passionate about and have fun doing it.

Yes you can make a full-time career with a good salary from wedding planning but being passionate about working with people and wedding planning is essential to make your business successful. It takes time, energy and creativity to build a wedding planning business so you need to go into it for the right reasons.

You can start your wedding planning training by reading the posts I put up about tips and tricks and secrets of wedding planning. These are free to view and will give you a sense of what is involved and what would be expected of you.

how to become a wedding planner

If you are serious about becoming a wedding planner and starting your own wedding planning business, I offer one to one wedding planner mentoring each year to a maximum of 10 online wedding planner apprentices. My online wedding planner course is an eight week program which I personally mentor you through. By the end of the program you will be fully prepared and trained to run your own exclusive wedding planning business. Not only that but you will have your website developed and your strategy of how to get your first clients in place and my one to one support for the first year of business.

Click on the link  below so I can let you know about training programs and give you tips that I only give members of my wedding planner tribe! Enjoy!

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