Below is a sample wedding plan with price for 60 or 70 guests at this wedding venue in Tuscany with the Catholic church on site based on 2020 prices:

Catholic ceremony performed in a church nearby the venue

Paperwork assistance

– English speaking Priest

Meeting and rehearsal before the ceremony

Unlimited e-mails and phone conversation to prepare the ceremony

–  Marriage certificates

Venue’s exclusive use fee

– Wedding reception at the Borgo:

Pre Dinner Aperitif

Dinner: 1st and 2nd courses, main course, dessert

Post Dinner limoncello, espresso

Wedding cake

Wine with Dinner – local red and white wine

Table settings – table linens, chairs and tables, tableware

On-site wedding planner to supervise the event

Personal coordinator to assist you through the planning of the wedding with unlimited e-mail and phone correspondence

Booking of the accommodation and travels

Coordination fees, Taxes and service for all the above included

60 guests : €15,500 

70 guests: €17,000


Price of wedding in Tuscany Italy based on 2020 prices for 60-70 people.

Minimum stay 3 nights, up to 62 guests, average around 100€ per person per night including breakfast without sofa beds.