The Wedding Planner in Ireland advises: A hair stylist has a unique bond with his or her customers. You entrust one of the first things people see about you -your hair – to a complete stranger and keep your fingers crossed the cut looks right on you. Instead of hoping and praying your cut will look okay bring photographs or magazine clippings so your stylist knows exactly what you want. Before he or she ever picks up a pair of scissors, discuss this decision with the expert to see if your hair can accomplish the daring ‘do.


If you are getting your hair coloured differently than usual for your wedding it is a good idea to try the colour four months before the wedding. Be sure the colourist takes a note of the shades and products used. Sometimes a colour takes time to ‘settle’. It may look too stark or it may look perfect for the first couple of weeks so keep a note of when the colour looks just right and time your colouring for your wedding to coincide with the ‘just right’ timing.