Many brides get caught up on the proper etiquette for invitations. While etiquette is important, there is no need to fuss over it, as you can quickly look up the proper format and wording online or in any bridal magazine. What is really important, however, is that your invitation matches your expectations for your wedding. For example, don’t send out extremely informal invitations, and then expect your guests to somehow understand that you’ve planned a formal black tie event!

Once you have chosen the style of wedding you would like to have, you can then choose your invitation. Some invitations require many different inserts and envelopes, and these would be considered more formal. Others contain just a simple notice, and a postcard style reply card. All invitations, regardless of style, should be addressed neatly and include vital information such as directions and the time of your wedding. If you are not having a reception, you can send out announcements rather than invitations.You will also want to consider your budgetary limits when choosing an invitation. There are striking price differences in seemingly similar invitations, so beware of the prices before you fall in love with a particular invitation. Before you make your choice, it is a good idea to look at several different styles.Looking to save some money on your invitations? Consider creating your own invitations. If you or your family members have any artistic ability, you may be able to create a beautiful invitation using calligraphy and some art. You can then have your invitation duplicated onto fine stationery, and the results could be both beautiful and meaningful. This idea probably works best for an informal wedding, although it could work for something more traditional depending on the skills of your family member or friend.