We know instantly when a honeymoon place is special, and that’s the feeling we got as soon as we arrived at Baraza. Almost a sense of sadness that one day we’ll have to leave. As we walked through the stunning reception with its fountains, baskets of dried cloves and seemingly endless sparkling tiled walkways, I wanted to slow down time and I had to remind myself to enjoy our brief visit and not think of our impending flight out of Zanzibar. 

Everything at Baraza gleams and reflects the dazzling light, not just because the resort is so new but because the colour scheme of white and gold gives the unmistakeable lustre of luxury and calm. Imagine being a pampered guest at a sultan’s palace and given free rein in beautiful gardens with a team of people dedicated to your every whim. Classical music mingles with the sound of the ocean and even the azure pool has piped underwater music. 

Baraza is a fully inclusive resort, which means you just drift from meal to pleasant activity without a care in the world. Service is friendly but not over the top. The chef came to visit us personally to ask about our meal preferences and then freshly made food just appears – exactly as we like it. Try and refuse dessert!  

Our villa is gorgeous, again I’m almost pained that we’ll have to leave it soon. Everything is perfectly appointed, luxuriously decorated and really, just leave me here to die propped up gazing at the ocean for my last dying breath. Over the top? Seriously, come here on honeymoon and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

The back-yard of Baraza is the beautiful Bwejuu beach, voted by Conde Naste traveller as one of the best 30 beaches in the world. It’s warm, sparkling and shallow enough for swimmers like me who aren’t that confident in open water.

If you’re sick of sitting around smooching your new spouse there’s a daily reef walk, bikes, snorkelling, daily yoga classes, a beautiful library, afternoon tea (in addition to all those other gorgeous meals), two stunning pools, a luxurious spa and much more.

I have to stop gushing, because it reminds me this isn’t our permanent home. Moses our villa host may have to prise the villa key out of my hands, or maybe I should just hide somewhere…?

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