With so much to do a lot of couples leave choosing their wedding rings until the last minute.  Remember, there are very few things that you will take away from the day forever – your photos and your wedding rings are it (and your spouse obviously!).  Make sure you spend time choosing the perfect wedding ring – you will, after all, be wearing it for a very long time.  Here are some tips to get you started…


We recommend choosing a wedding ring in the same material as your engagement ring – platinum and 18ct white gold might look the same when new but will wear differently.  It is no problem to wear different colour metals together for example white and rose gold, just make sure that they are the same finesse i.e. 18ct or 14ct.


The most important question is whether a straight edged ring will fit beside your engagement ring or whether you have to have a shaped ring made so that the two rings sit together well.  If the setting on your ring is low your wedding ring might not sit flush beside it.  Having a ring shaped to fit perfectly is one solution but remember you might not like a shaped wedding ring without the engagement ring so it restricts you to always wearing both rings together.

Diamond Solitair & Wedding BandDiamond Solitaire & Wedding Band

Made to match

The smallest difference can really affect the overall look of the two rings together.  Why not have the perfect ring made to match rather than choosing a ring off the shelf.  If the ring is slightly wider/narrower than your engagement ring it just won’t look as well.  Having a ring made to match is the only way to get that perfect overall effect.


It is so important that you like your wedding ring on its own – a lot of people are so concerned about whether the wedding ring complements the engagement ring or not that they forget to check that they actually like it!  Engagement ring aside, you should love your wedding ring!


Make sure that your wedding ring doesn’t overpower your engagement ring – it should complement it but not take over.  Diamonds can be really beautiful in a wedding ring and add to the sparkle of your engagement ring.  However, don’t choose diamonds that are bigger than the diamonds in your engagement ring…. Save them for the other hand!

Classic Diamond Ring

Classic Diamond ring

Matching rings

The majority of couples don’t go for matching rings nowadays.  Remember that you have to wear this ring for the rest of your life so it is more important that you each love your own wedding ring than them matching.  You wouldn’t wear matching outfits would you?!

Brushed Finished Wedding Rings

Brushed Finished Wedding Rings

Court Shape Wedding Rings

This article was written by Ann Chapman, Ann is a fine jewellery designer from Dublin.  Her contemporary jewellery designs are available exclusively in her store, Stonechat Jewellers, in the Westbury Mall, Dublin 2.  Ann began her goldsmithing career with a short course in NCAD.  Following an apprenticeship of several years with a variety of jewellery studios, Ann was granted one of only twelve coveted places on the Crafts Council of Ireland goldsmithing course in Kilkenny. The broad skill-set she acquired during this training affirmed her passion for fine jewellery, precious metals and coloured stones.