The idea of a honeymoon cruise is very popular and why wouldn’t it be! You have the romantic adventure of visiting different ports while still enjoying the same luxuries a luxury hotel would offer. A honeymoon cruise not only sails to romantic destinations, but also creates an air of intimacy on board the ship.

With a little planning, you can make your honeymoon cruise an extra-special event.

Here are 3 tips for making your honeymoon cruise special:

1. Plan your honeymoon cruise: Luxury cruises are not as expensive as you may think! Keep an eye on your wedding budget so you can afford a honeymoon. Remember this is the trip you will be telling generations to come about and you want it to be special! There are great offers available all year round and there are great last minute cruises from Ireland, the UK and the States which are suitable for those looking for a luxury honeymoon experience.

2. Let crew know you’re celebrating. If your cabin steward, dining staff, and even the captain know that you’re on your honeymoon cruise, you might see little touches added for romance such as a bottle of champagne waiting in your cabin. Staff can also help to ensure your cruise is as romantic as you’d like it to be.

3. Pack appropriately.  There are usually great shops aboard cruise ships however remember you are at sea! So not everything you need rather than relying on  buying or renting items. Your cruise line will provide specific dress code guidelines for you to help ensure you don’t forget anything such as swimsuits, tie, formal shoes, etc.

Enjoy your high sea adventure!