Keeping It Cool 

Most of the bouquets and other floral arrangements will come held in oasis or small plastic bags of water. These are designed to keep them moist and pert until the start of the wedding. 

If you get flowers that aren’t as perky, then you can run the ends of the bouquets under cold water as you cut the ends at an angle. This will help to create new channels for the water to flow through. Place the bouquets back into their original water and they should become straighter and livelier within an hour or so.

You may read in some books that you can use ice cubes in the water to help you make the flowers look better, but this only freezes the routes of water to the flower, and can cause even more harm to a sagging bouquet. If your bride decides to take outdoor pictures during preparation, take the bouquets out of the water and dry them off with a paper towel.

Once they are finished, you will want to put the flowers back into the water once more, to make sure that they get the most amount of water they can before the ceremony.