Imagine an Arctic landscape covered in a beautiful thick blanket of snow. Amidst this winter wonderland is a chapel made completely of ice to which you arrive in a reindeer pulled sleigh. Or how about standing as husband and wife for the first time in the middle of a glacier, having arrived by helicopter? Ice Hotels In Sweden, 200km north of the Artic Circle lies Jukkasjärvi, home of the first ice hotel (as seen on a TV ad for a certain brand of cider). Built completely of ice and snow from scratch every November, this winter paradise offers a hotel reception, a main hall, an ice-art exhibition, ice bar, a glorious ice chapel, the Ice Globe Theatre and of course hotel rooms and suites. After you exchange your vows in this enchanting setting, continue your magical moment with a sparkling cocktail beverage in the ice bar, followed by a delicious meal. To finish this extraordinary day, spend the night in one of the Theme Suites. As everything in the ice hotels is made of sculptured ice, including the glasses, the beds too are large slabs of ice. Reindeer skins and thermal sleeping bags keep you snug. However, as it will be your wedding night, you may not need them to keep you warm! The Canadian Ice Hotel and chapel in Quebec offers similar unique experiences. The 8th season of the Ice Hotel Québec-Canada is now in full swing. In late April the sun’s rays begin to melt the recently completed masterpiece and the hotel returns to the river leaving only memories behind, but of course you’ll have the photos!