wedding-ring.jpgThe Wedding Planner in Ireland writes: Things did seem simpler in the old days.  You got engaged, made arrangements to move out of your home and before you knew it you were saying “I do” in a plain costume before heading off to Tramore for the weekend.


A Wedding Breakfast was held for all the family, and most of the community.  A far cry from the logistical nightmareing Reception nowadays.  Instead of worrying about invitations, hotels and favours the organisation was centred on the food, drink and musicians.


At least nowadays, the likelihood is that you are actually in love with the person you plan to spend the rest of your life with – instead of him being in love with your father’s milk quota and your Dad in love with your prospective’s big farm.  If you’re going to give up the single life in Ireland 2008 it better be love and you may as well throw ‘a bit of a do’, only without the porter cake and dowry!


But there is a lot to be said for tradition, and the tradition of having a great party on the day of your wedding is one to honour.  So if you’ve just announced your engagement to the world, and are overwhelmed with your head in the clouds – take a few minutes to get together and get used to planning – as a couple.

Will you opt for the traditional wedding and reception?  Perhaps you might prefer a private ceremony followed by a larger reception?  Or maybe you fancy heading off to the Bahamas with a party planned for your arrival home as Bride and Groom?

Once you’ve pondered on that – give it some more thought, this event that will change your life!  Will it be formal, or informal?

Do you want the reception to be indoor or outdoor (you could go looking for foot and mouth if it’s not raining!)

Do you want your wedding in the morning afternoon or evening?

Do you really want all the trappings of a traditional wedding?  Have you heard the one about the receiving line, the toasts, the first dance, something old new borrowed and blue, the groom who didn’t notify the Tax office of your new status and the mother in law?

These questions are just the tip of the iceberg.  As a guideline of what you should be planning have a look through the following and besides answering decide how important each one is to you.  It is supposed to be your special day, so go with your instinct and leave the bickering to the in-laws!

Will you have a wedding party or just one person to stand with you?

What is the maximum size of the party?

Must the number of bridesmaids equal the number of groomsmen?

What is the maximum number of guests you can accommodate at the wedding?

Do you want a fully seated dinner, a buffet or just a standing reception?

What kind of setting do you want: stately home in the country?  Hotel?

Will the ceremony be held at a church or the reception site?

Do you want children at the wedding?

Do you want dancing?

What is the maximum you will pay for the wedding?

 When you both agree to the answers to some of these questions you are off to a good start!