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Rosie sent out a detailed scenario of what she could do for me within my budget. Rosie helped me to plan realistically. My wedding was pretty unique. I was arriving to Florence in the morning from a cruise ship and returning to the cruise, on the same day. We had to do welcome drinks, ceremony, coktail an recption ending with balloon throw within 5 hours. I also had a little over a 100 guests coming from the cruise with me. I needed to make strategic decisions to make sure everything would go perfectly well and on schedule. Rosie was genius! She rented out buses for me, we were accompanied by her assistants, we were welcomed with respect, warmth and smiles. The choice of Villa was right on…..a dream with the best view, La Vedetta is the best. Everything went smoothly and everyone got back to the ship on time!

She’s so quick to respond even if its wedding season. Answers with 24 to 48 hours tops. Very trustworthy. I paid her in full and we had never met before. We only had a few video calls and she made me feel at home. Lovely person.

Sabrina and Stevens, Montreal, Canada. Wedding in Florence.

Our requirements were quite specific but also quite complicated and a number of the planners came back to say that they while they would be excited to take on our wedding, they had no previous experience with Indian weddings. Rosie was the only planner who had Indian wedding planning experience, but more importantly she came across as knowledgeable and had great reviews so we picked her!

Rosie was exceptionally helpful in two major ways. The first was in finding our venue and vendors for us to work with. We had very specific (aka out of the norm) requirements for the wedding including sourcing a venue that would hold 200 people, be driving distance from Dublin, have multiple ceremony rooms, allow us to bring in outside catering as well as have an indoor fire. Rosie helped us narrow down the venue list based on these requirements and came with us to all our visits. She was then instrumental in working with the coordinator at our venue to make sure that all our requests were met as she had good relationships with them previously and was able to negotiate on our behalf. In addition, we required help sourcing vendors for traditional Indian catering, as well as building our wedding alter and creating Hindu wedding flower arrangements and Rosie found amazing people to all of these based on her years of experience working in the industry. The second way in which Rosie was indispensable was on the wedding weekend itself. She and her team were on site taking care of all the event details and sorting out any last minute issues, allowing myself and my family to be slightly less stressed as we knew someone capable who had full knowledge of our event was there to take care of things. She made executive decisions when I didn’t want to deal with them (like moving the ceremony indoors to account for the Irish weather) and overall made myself and my husband feel secure in leaving things in her hands.

I would 100% recommend Rosie’s services, she was available, always followed up in a timely manner, went out of her way to answer all of our questions (no matter how annoying or repetitive) and she had not only myself to deal with but my planner of a mother as well! She really made us feel comfortable coming up to our wedding that if anything were to come up unexpectedly we had someone there to take care of it. If there are any brides looking to have a wedding that has unusual/out of the ordinary/non traditional requirements, Rosie is your person as she can find out a way to make anything you want happen… including a rickshaw for the groom to arrive in!!

A HUGE thank you to Rosie and her whole team for everything. Our guests are still talking about how amazing the wedding was, in particular how well organized and smoothly it ran and the attention to detail, none of which would not have been possible without you.

Anusha Sundaram and James Nolan, Wedding in Wexford.

Rosie is fantastic at what she does I wouldn’t of being the easist of clients to deal with as I’m a control freak😁 but everything was just how I imagined. I would also recommend her husband both for photography .. Everything turned out perfect.

Nathalie and Michele Smullen,  Dublin. Wedding in Rome

We checked about six websites and corresponded with 3 other planning services. Rosie’s willingness to answer all our questions and patience with our inexperience was head and shoulders above the others. She made us feel valued as a potential customer.

Because we did all the planning long distance (we are in Michigan, USA) everything Rosie and the partner services was useful and helpful. We were able to give her a vision and they made it a reality. Communication was quick, changes were accepted and quality of service and product was extraordinary.

I am happy to recommend Rosie’s service to anyone planning a celebration. She knows what questions to ask, how to help couples define their wishes and which vendors are best to make the wedding successful.

The quality of service was amazing, but more importantly we as the family felt that our small celebration was important to Rosie and that she worked as hard for us as for the larger more elaborate events she plans. We didn’t worry about any of the details because we felt so comfortable working with her. This professionalism combined with her kind personality made for an amazing wedding planning experience.

Megan and Jay Forquer,  Michigan USA.

Our main hesitation was ‘do we really need someone to help, maybe we can do it ourselves’ Thank god we got over that because it would not have been possible!

We had originally spoken to few planners as Rosie was very busy at the time we contacted her and I panicked. The other planners seemed all about money and I was uncomfortable with that. Rosie put us at ease and I never once felt pressured to get anything bigger, better, more expensive or spend unnecessary money.

Everything about her and her teams professionalism is what you should expect from a wedding planner. A massive and continued thank you for all of the effort, hard work and love that went in to our day and apologies for any grey hairs that it may have caused. Amazing memories!

Leanne Murphy and Anthony Mchugh, Ireland. Wedding in Puglia

I guess we are one of the first of our friends to get married so we knew very little about weddings generally, let alone a wedding planner. Hesitations initially would have been whether we should have saved the extra money and organised things ourselves directly. So cost was a hesitation. However we are so glad we didn’t do it all by ourselves now!!

She was so helpful and full of information from the beginning, we were immediately impressed and felt more relaxed at the though of having a wedding abroad knowing we would have someone with such experience helping us.

The timeline initially provided by Rosie with a year to go was so helpful in organising everything in our minds. Everything seemed so organised and in a step by step process which was very helpful especially with our wedding being abroad! She was always able to answer any queries in a timely way along the way and this was so appreciated in the weeks leading up to the wedding. A few last minute changes here and there were no problem with her help! Having Rosie on our team made the whole experience of planning a wedding totally stress free and enjoyable.

Rosie, the whole experience of planning our wedding with your help has been so much fun and an absolute pleasure! We want to do it all again!!! Thanks so much for everything. 🙂 xx

Sarah and Eoin Cotter, Ireland. Wedding in Rome

I was nervous about putting trust in someone on the internet that we had never met, but with Rosie I had no reason to be!

We wanted to get married in Italy, Lake Garda in particular. We were totally overwhelmed by the idea of trying to plan a wedding in a country we don’t live and and with a language we don’t speak! We found Rosie online, she had a stellar reputation according to her reviews and we also really liked that she was Irish as well so she understood our needs better than anyone we had spoken to.

Her approach to the planning process, was so relaxed but well organised. It meant that anytime we got a bit stressed out about paperwork or transfers etc, she was able to put my completely at ease and provide an easy solution to something I had made a big deal of! Rosie and Ronan on the day – were just amazing and again everything flowed so smoothly throughout the day, there were no hiccups at all. Her biz partner Samuele was great, helping us deal with the venue and organising paperwork with the priest – he even went out to buy us candles the night before as we had forgotten to bring any! – he also helped one of our guests get their bag back that they had left on the taxi coming out.

I couldn’t recommend her enough, I have a lot of friends who have recently gotten married and they always spoke about how stressful it was to organise it. Thanks to Rosie, I had a completely different experience, everything was so relaxing and we spent more time looking forward to the big day, knowing that we could relax because it was all taken care of. Thank you so much Rosie! You are amazing!

Mary and Pearce Lennon, Ireland. Wedding at Lake Garda

Best Weekend Of Our Lives …

“I decided on Rosie for our wedding in Italy because there is no way I could have organised a wedding abroad especially in the time frame! I’m not the kind of person who likes to organise things! Rosie has a great reputation. Rosie was really helpful when it came to the paper work, the language barrier, everything really, and with helping us find a place and venue that fitted our vast criteria!! I would definitely recommend Rosie and her team.Hairdresser was great, flowers were lovely and food and wine was fab! We had the best weekend of our lives and it wouldn’t have been possible without them. So if they can do that for us I would definitely recommend them! Thanks for everything!!”

Heather Byrne & Niall Cooper, Tuscany, August 2015

Villa Chosen: Villa di Artimino 

No of Guests: 120

Rosie’s comment: ‘This is the biggest villa in Tuscany. There is no accommodation in the villa itself but there is a small hotel and self catering accommodation on it’s grounds.  Heather and Niall chose it because all guests could stay on site and enjoy the pool and restaurant. There’s a Catholic church and small town within walking distance, they could have an outdoor reception and they could party until 4am!’

‘Heather and Niall also chose my photography service : ‘We love the pics… absolutely gorgeous. Bringing back so many memories’.’

Magical Day, I can not speak highly enough of Rosie …

When we decided to marry abroad I decided getting a planner was the only way that it could be planned smoothly and efficiently. We had never been to Rome before and I wouldn’t know where to start researching a venue even. I spoke to an old school friend of mine that had gotten married in Rome a year previous to ours and she recommended Rosie to me as she was her wedding planner also. From start to finish , Rosie and her team were fantastic. I was in contact with Rosie for about 14 months from when we hired her and I have to say that nothing was too much for her- from arranging a venue to suit such a small number (20) , to booking accommodation that was within our budget. She often had to altar and amend various things such as venue and accommodation seeking new ones to suit us and this was never a problem for her.

With regards to religious paperwork and planning the ceremony, we were given detailed step by step instructions and this made life so much easier. Rosie made clear to us the time frame within which religious paperwork needed to be completed by etc. Her team helped with menus, airport transfers, etc. all of which I would not have been able to do myself without having a complete panic attack!! Rosie always made me feel very at ease both in emails and phone conversations , so easy to talk to, thrash out ideas with and more. The musician/singer Franceso was amazing at our reception, he made our night, as Rosie had promised he would. Astounding range to his voice and good fun with the guests too. The Food for our reception was top class and in abundance. 

I would recommend Rosie and her team to any upcoming bride and groom. I cannot speak highly enough of her great work and without the help of her and her team our wedding day may have been very different. It was the best thing I ever did, hiring a wedding planner. From start to finish, Rosie took the stress away from me, was always very calm and reassuring. She organised flowers, photographer, wedding car, wedding venue and the rest. All of which were fabulous. The Church was beautiful and everyone back home were blown away by the amazing architecture of the building. Rosie kindly organised a trip in a Vespa and Fiat 500 after out wedding and we got some great shots in these! This was a lovely surprise, so thank you Rosie, you were fantastic to deal with, and made our day magical from start to finish. Getting married in Rome exceeded all our expectations thanks to your patience, time and enthusiasm in planning our special day.

Laura Donnelly & Brendan O Doherty, Rome, April 2015

Excellent service all round …

We were hesitant about hiring a wedding planner because of the cost factor and some other wedding planners we called didn’t seem trustworthy. Rosie has a great reputation and helped us select a fantastic location. We had big problems with our paperwork and Rosie was very supportive and good at keeping in contact with updates during a stressful time. She went beyond what was expected with our legal and paperwork problems between Ireland , Northern Ireland and UK. When we were in Italy, her team was very attentive and looked after all the fine details on the day and were very good to our wedding guests, Excellent service all round. I would most definitely recommend Rosie’s services, well worth it, she made it such an enjoyable time for us with special memories. We can’t put into words how smooth our wedding day went. The support we got on both sides, the food, service and how we were looked after for the 3 days was superb and we just want to say a huge ‘thank you ‘.

Frances Coleman & Noel McGullion, Amalfi Coast, July 2015

Venue Chosen: Garden overlooking Amalfi Coast

No of Guests: 12

Rosie’s comment:

Frances and Noel had a beautiful legal outdoor wedding ceremony overlooking the Amalfi Coast with their nearest and dearest! They had a great photo session afterwards followed by relaxed dinner and drinks on a terrace with an amazing view. We had heard the bride is a great singer and guitarist, so we organised for a guitar to be at the reception for an impromptu jam session! While the paperwork for legal ceremonies in Italy is relevantly straight forward (once you know what you are doing!), sometimes there are issues with certain residencies and circumstances. An issue arose during the paperwork submissions for Frances and Noel which made it near impossible for them to have a legal wedding. But I love a challenge and finding  a solution, which we did!

We had the best day ever …

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you so much for all the hard work that went into planning our wedding. It was definitely the most magical, amazing day of our lives and without your help that wouldn’t have been possible. Our guests are still raving about everything from the church to the food to the boat to the venue. Wow what a day!

I chose Rosie as our wedding planner because of her reputation in the Irish wedding scene and because she was quick to come back with comprehensive information. It was important to me to have an Irish link. I was nervous of employing a local wedding planner (in Italy) and handing over a large deposit without knowing if the contract I had with them was legit and binding. I would absolutely recommend Rosie she made the process so much less stressful for me and in turn for my husband 🙂 She was really helpful with liaising with the various suppliers, costs breakdown and tapping into her vastly superior experience and knowledge of weddings. Thanks so much for a fabulous day – we had the best day ever 🙂

Aileen Lalor and Sean McCormack, Sardinia, May 2015

Rosie Comment:

Aileen and Sean chose the beautiful island of Sardinia for their wedding. They had a catholic church wedding and then they and their wedding party got a Catarmaran back to the hotel which was a big highlight of the day. “The boat providers were fantastic. Two really funny guys who treated us so well.” They had an amazing meal and hired an area beside the pool to party until 2am.

Great Communication, Fantastic Service …

As it was something we had never had the need to do before we were a little unsure about what services a wedding planner would provide for us. We planned to get married abroad, in Tuscany, Italy so we knew that the wedding would be something that we would need help to organise. We had met with other wedding planners, but chose Rosie The Wedding Planner for a number of reasons; she was very friendly and approachable, and allayed any anxieties we had about using a wedding planner.  Rosie and her partners were extremely helpful, particularly with the finer details of the planning, helping with some things that we had even overlooked!! Another aspect of the service that we found particularly helpful, was the communication that Rosie and her partners had with us. They were always at the other end of the phone or email with advice and suggestions when needed. The attention to detail, was fantastic and it made us realise that they fully understood exactly what we were looking for!! Rosie provided us with a fantastic service and we would fully recommend her. Using a wedding planner to organise your wedding abroad, involves a lot of trust, particularly if, like us you don’t make a trip there beforehand. We put our trust in Rosie and were absolutely thrilled with the final results!! Everything went fantastic and we wouldn’t change a thing.

Marie and Damien Miles, Tuscany, July 2014