Uncomfortable bloating is a common problem with brides on their wedding day. As her wedding planner recommend your bride to follow these six simple, natural yet highly effective guidelines then she’ll look better, feel better and be as radiant as a bride should be on her wedding day. Bloating is caused primarily by dehydration. The loss of water in the body can cause constipation. And the corresponding lack of bowel movements creates the tummy bulge.

Here are six tips for your client to follow for at least 1-2 weeks prior to her big day:

1. Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. Drinking less fluid will not cure water retention and can actually make it worse. So drink plenty of water to flush the toxins from the body. Cellulite is a form of fat with retained water. When the body cannot get rid of the wastes and toxins it tends to store cellulite.

2. Try to eliminate salts and refined sugars from your diet. If you can’t eliminate these types of foods then at least cut down on their use as much as you possible can.

3. Get some exercise. Go for a brisk walk, even if it is just for 10 minutes. Movement helps the lymphatic system drain and gets the blood pumping which increases circulation. Did you know that poor circulation can cause water retention?

4. Don’t skip meals. Much as you may think this is wise, low calorie diets have been shown to increase water retention. But do avoid high fat foods. Incorporate protein into your daily routine. While you are running around getting all the last minute details finished remember to reach for a yogurt, some cottage cheese or make yourself a protein shake. One of the most important nutrients to prevent water retention is protein.

5. Cut down on caffeine and alcohol. These liquids cause dehydration, plus they are empty calories.

6. Take a good multivitamin. Find one that has a high content of Vitamin B (12 and 6). Stress robs the body of essential vitamins, plus you are probably not eating as healthy as you should. Vitamin B is especially good to take when under stress, or have bloating.

Of course it goes without saying that your client should also try her best to get proper and sufficient sleep during this stressful period.