Advise your Clients to avoid:

  • Bad-taste jokes (race, religion or sex). 
  • Mother-in-law jokes. This is the day to give them a miss.
  • Stories about previous girlfriends or boyfriends – whether happy or awful.
  • Long rambling shaggy dog stories. Save them for the dog!
  • Getting drunk – at least wait until you have finished your speech.
  • Criticising harshly – it is an important day and everyone wants to remember it for the right reasons.
  • Mentioning the near cancellation. Planning a wedding can be an extremely stressful experience for a couple, so if there was a possibility that the wedding was to be cancelled, don’t mention it – they’ve been through a tough enough time.


Suggest to your clients that they:

  • Practise the speech.
  • Prepare notes – a neat piece of card with bullet points written on it will help them remember the important ‘thank yous’ and mentions they need to make, if their brains freeze just before they speak. 
  • Speak clearly – check that the microphone is working. ‘Can everyone hear me?’ 
  • Speak slowly – remember adrenalin will make them speak much faster so they need to pace themselves.
  • Make small pauses in the speech. If they have their whole speech written out, mark the places they should take a pause and catch their breath.
  • Make eye contact with the people they refer to during the speech.
  • Smile – it makes all the difference.