Unless you are a toastmaster, we recommend preparation.  Another tip is to ask for help.  Family and friends will often have good stories that will flesh out your speech.  Fellow speech givers may also have anecdotes that suit the occasion. Test your speech on a friend or out loud in front of a mirror. Caste of thousands.  Just for today, this wedding is Broadway, Hollywood and Cannes all rolled into one.  Thank everyone who helped out – from Auntie Margaret who made the cake to Uncle Peter who provided the limousine transport – even the staff at the reception liked to be thanked, if appropriate. Suitability.  Remember, you are talking to a mixed audience, from grannies to tiny tots. No blue jokes, no in-house jokes, and no longwinded stories about obscure friends or family members only known to a select few. Prepare a cue card with important points and the essential thank yous of your speech on it. Avoid the grubby piece of paper torn out of a jotter with your illegible scrawl on it. For more tips about wedding speeches check out: www.blarneyspeeches.com