Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations should be mailed out six weeks prior to the wedding day, unless friends or relatives need to fly in from out of town. Then the invitation should be mailed eight to ten weeks in advance to give your client’s guests time to make travel and hotel arrangements. Custom also has it that invitations need to be mailed from the bride’s home, even if guests are friends of the groom. The envelope should have the full names of the family or persons your client is inviting, and the inside card should just have first names. When your client is inviting a single person, it is polite to write “and Guest” next to their name. Wedding invitation wording should reflect the formality of your client’s wedding. The more formal, the closer to tradition your client should be. Invitations should tell the guests exactly what they need to know. The wording used is also important, although there are many varieties to choose from. It is a good idea for your client to consult a wedding invitation magazine or guide before they order their invitations to know which wording will suit them best. For destination weddings, make sure your client mails the “Save the Date” cards well in advance so that guests can begin making travel plans.

Thank-You Notes

It used to be that if you said thank you to someone in person for his or her gift, a thank-you note was not required. But these days, when couples are inviting more guests to the wedding, and more people send gifts through the post, thank-you notes are the only way for your clients to express their sincere appreciation. When should your client send out thank-you notes for their shower and wedding? ASAP! The sooner, the better. Everyone appreciates a thank-you note, especially if it comes soon after the event. For the shower, notes should be sent out 10 to 14 days after the shower. Thank-you notes for weddings gifts received before the wedding should go out two weeks after receiving the gift so a prolonged period of time does not go between receiving the gift and sending the note. Proper wedding etiquette says that notes should be sent out two weeks to a month after the couple returns from the honeymoon. If time starts racing and your client has put notes on the back burner for too long, send them anyway. People expect thank-you notes for their gifts and they will still appreciate one even if it is late. Handwritten notes are the only way to go. If a guest receives a pre-printed thank-you note, he or she will feel unappreciated and think your client is not thankful for the time and effort that went into getting them something. No matter how short your client’s handwritten note is, it expresses their appreciation so much better, and their guest will know your client is truly thankful.  Along with sending notes for gifts, be sure your client sends thank-you notes to friends and family who planned showers or parties. If your client receives more than one present from someone, they should write a thank-you note for each gift. If someone gives your client a gift for their shower and then three weeks later for their wedding, it is not polite to write one note for both gifts. Your client should get the shower thank-you note out before the wedding. Coloured ink is getting more popular these days, but for thank-you notes, black or dark blue ink should still be used. These tips will help your client’s guests appreciate  the time she spends thinking of them. Some of the guests will spend a good amount of money or time on the couple, and they want to know that they appreciated that.