When should you send out thank-you notes for your wedding? ASAP! The sooner,the better. Everyone appreciates a thank-you note, especially if it comes soon after the event. Thank-you notes for weddings gifts received before the wedding should go out two weeks after receiving the gift so a prolonged period of time does not go between receiving the gift and sending the note. Proper wedding etiquette says that notes should be sent out two weeks to a month after you return from the honeymoon. If time starts racing and you’ve put notes on the back burner for too long, send them anyway. People expect thank-you notes for their gifts and they will still appreciate one even if it is late. No matter how short your handwrite a note on the thank you, it expresses your appreciation so much better, and your guest will know you are truly thankful.

Along with sending notes for gifts, be sure to send thank-you notes to friends and family who planned the hen party and helped with the wedding; they worked hard to celebrate for you. Coloured ink is getting more popular these days, but for thank-you notes, black or dark blue ink should still be used. These colours are easier to read and they just look better. These tips will help your guests appreciate your politeness and the time you spend thinking of them. Some of you guests will spend a good amount of money or time on you, and they want to know you appreciated that.