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Waking up to view a pair of angelfish looking in your bedroom window is a moment you’ll never forget.

The ‘Lodge’ used to be a working scientific base in the 70s, but now, has been completely re-furbished by an award-winning firm of interior decorations.  Pastel carpets and hard wood partition separate the sleeping compartment into two bedrooms, which have double beds, personal stereo, TC and video. The Living room has a huge built in entertainment centre opposite a long comfortable settee running the length of the room.  A full bar and kitchen are on the other side.  It’s a surreal experience to lie back and watch, through a huge window; fish swim by, while listening to the stereo and eating popcorn, bot out of the microwave.  You are encouraged to go for a dive in the surrounding lagoon which is frequented by parrot fish, angel fish, barracuda, sergeant majors, nurse sharks scrawled file fish and several varieties of snapper. The Emerald Lagoon also contains other points of interest, including and archaeology exhibit, which is a recreation of the Spanish galleon the San Pedro.  The wreck site reveals the ribs of the boat, ballast stones, cannon and an anchor, as well as authentic artefacts from the wreck of the ‘Atocha’.  The wreck site is so accurate, that it is used to train marine archaeology students.  There are also two modern day sunken boats, and underwater music plays as you explore the fascinating underwater sculptures which are created by a solar powered accretion project using the natural minerals of the sea. When you get back to the lodge you have time to have a hot fresh water shower before the habitat engineer, Mike Smith, serves dinner.  At the stroke of eight o’clock, Mike ‘popped’ down to prepare a mouth watering meal of fillet mignon and lobster tails without much interruption.  Mike cleaned up and swam away again.  It was comforting to know that he was just a call away by radio, intercom or regular telephone.  He’s also on room service call if you need anything later, such as a bottle of Dom Perignon!  It’s hard to believe you are underwater with such comfortable quarters, the only constant reminder is the wall mounted depth gauge.  The lodge appeals to divers, adventurers, watersports enthusiasts, honeymooners or those looking for a totally unique wedding experience.  If you’re not a certified diver, the staff is happy to conduct an introductory dive lesson on site. To stay at the world’s only underwater hotel contact Jules’ undersea Lodge at Key Largo Undersea Part, 51 Shoreland Drive, Key Largo, Fl 33037.  (Tel: (001 407305) 451-2353)