Our last two 24 hour posts were pretty intense, both were pretty typical days but they were also crazy and busy ones.

We wanted to share a more chilled out day and this last 24 hours were sooooo relaxing! Pretty much a typical day on our own honeymoon.

8:30am We woke up in our gorgeous bed at the Tongsai Bay, surrounded by mosquito netting. The room is quite dark as all the curtains around our cottage are drawn. We open the curtains and aredazzled by the light. We missed the sun coming up by quite a few hours, but instead the sun is shining and shimmering across the sea.

Our room, nicknamed The Hideaway Cottage is more like a small house with an unbelievable deck and relaxation bed. It’s WAY too bright for yoga outside, so we set up our mats in our loungeroom.

10:00am Breakfast! We walk to the restaurant instead of calling the golf cart and greet our favourite juice lady. She sets up a fantastic fruit table and you can request a customised juice. She’s hilarious and knows us by name now.

After breakfast, we visited the games room for a quick game of pool. Neither of us had played for a least a year, so we were both a little rusty. At least it was better than yesterday, we took about half an hour to finish one game and we were just kinda hitting the balls around randomly.

I won 🙂

11:30am We get the golf cart back to the room. It’s not that far, but it’s pretty hot and we’re feeling lazy. The golf cart zips around pretty fast. How much fun would it be if they just gave us the keys?!

We basically spend the next couple of hours lazing around on the cottage. It’s absolutely BOILING, so we fill up the jacuzzi with cold water to make a mini-pool. Mark works inside in the airconditioning and I hang outside and enjoy the view of the ocean.

We can’t be bothered having lunch, but the cottage is stocked with fresh fruit and cookies, so we eat that, plus a couple of raw bars we bought in London.

3:00pm Guess what? We’re getting married! We start to get ready, which we can do pretty quickly these days. This time we call the golf cart so we can get to the wedding in style.  

As well as performing the two weddings (more about them in a separate post), we also did some interviewing on camera. It was pretty hilarious, trying to take turns talking on camera and not talk over each other. The producer jokingly asks us to jump in the pool, but we politely decline!

The golf cart has been decorated with a “Just Married” sign and is trailing tin cans!

5:30pm More chilling out at home and we crack open a bottle of wine. Mark’s working on the most recent video, and I’m uploading all our recent photos. We’re going to end up with absolutely thousands of photos.

7:00pm It’s suddenly pouring rain (it’s monsoon season here), so we debate going to the restaurant vs ordering room service, but there’s a gap in the rain, so we decide to head out. I’m STARVING!

Hmmm, good dinner. We skipped dessert because we’re pretty stuffed, and after five months, we’ve learnt that we can’t eat everything!


I’ve got to do some work on my Irish Times article, which I LOVE to do. Before doing this job, I really wanted to get into writing, and the job came with a monthly two page spread in a major newspaper!

Late… Mark decides to stay up late to watch the Man Utd game and see if Rooney makes a statement about his future. I’m going to bed… good-night.