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Leave time to get your wedding dress finished!The Wedding Planner in Ireland advises:


Research before your buy. The quickest and easiest way to research is by searching online. There are many Web sites dedicated do wedding dresses where you can get a ton of useful information about styles, designs, trends, etc.


Shop early! There is so much choice out there you will probably need several trips before making your decision. Often dresses need to be ordered several months before the date and need several fittings and adjustments


Keep an open mind while you shop for your wedding dress. Try lots of things on. Often the dress you thought you’d never like is the one that makes you look and feel the best.


                                                                                                    Leave time to get your

                                                                                                  dress finished !                     

Bring shoes with the same height as your wedding shoes and the underwear you intend to wear to the final couple of fittings so you can be sure seams, straps and knicker lines don’t show.


Don’t shop after you’ve bought. Instead enjoy the rest of your wedding planning journey.


Don’t give up! Finding your perfect wedding dress can take some time.


Don’t take too many people with you on your hunt for your wedding dress. Take a good friend or family member who likes shopping, knows your style, is honest and whose opinion you appreciate.