Wedding invitations should be mailed out six weeks prior to the wedding day, unless friends or relatives need to fly in from out of town. Then the invitation should be mailed eight to ten weeks in advance to give your guests time to make travel and hotel arrangements. Custom also has it that invitations need to be mailed from the bride’s home, even if guests are friends of the groom. The envelope should have the full names of the family or persons you are inviting, and the inside card should just have first names. When you are inviting a single person, it is polite to write “and Guest” next to their name.Weddings invitation wording should reflect the formality of your wedding. The more formal, the closer to tradition you want to be. Invitations should tell your guests exactly what they need to know. The wording you use is also important, although there are many varieties to choose from.For destination weddings, make sure you mail the “Save the Date” cards well in advance so guests can begin making travel plans.