The Wedding Planner Ireland advises:To begin your wedding reception seating plan, you will first need to know how many tables you will set up at your wedding reception, as well as how many chairs will be at each table. To find this out, contact your wedding reception facility and make sure to also ask them for a plan of where the tables will be at your wedding reception.

Although your seating plan should be prepared early, you shouldn’t finalise it until about two weeks prior to the date of your wedding reception.

Some couples suggest that they don’t want to tell their guests where to seat, if it is a very small party, you can skip the seating plan all together however for a formal dinner reception, The Wedding Planner would strongly advise couples to use a seating plan. Your guests should be able to quickly find their seat and with careful planning nobody will be left sitting by themselves!

Seat people with similar interests at the same table. Think of a unique and fun way to identify each table – maybe they are countries you have been together or places you will visit on your honeymoon or maybe after your favourite movies. Think of your shared interests and use these to label your tables.

Seat wedding guest of similar ages together.

Seat family members who don’t see each other often to help them catch up on the latest family matters. You should only seat family members together, if they like each other!

Use place card holders to help your guest find their seats.

Seat an even number of guests at each table.

Place your wedding reception guests who enjoy dancing close to the dance floor.

To avoid possible conflicts, divorced parents should have their own tables. Seat them separately with their respective family members.

Keep small children next to their parents.

Don’t wait until the last minute to decide who should sit at which table. Proper seating is hard work, and it requires careful planning. A site that might help is