While a lot of the Wedding villas I deal with are in Tuscany and Umbria, there are some magnificent villa venues available in other regions of  Italy too. For instance, hidden in the Hills of Rome is the Park Hotel Villa Grazioli – a beautiful resort situated on a hill overlooking the ancient city of Rome, the sea and Tivoli. The Villa is a masterpiece of 16th century art, history and culture, filled with magnificent works of art painted by Italian masters.

The Villa has 62 lovingly appointed guestrooms and offers a relaxed ambience within a beautiful outdoor reception space and magnificent indoor options too. Your guests can also enjoy the outdoor swimming pool and nearby golf club, experiencing the typical atmosphere of an old aristocratic Villa, while enjoying the comfort and technology of a modern hotel.  It has  easy to access to Rome’s main airports and a variety of other guest accommodation in the area so it is perfect for intimate and larger wedding groups. Contact Rosie The Wedding Planner for more details.