These are the important traditional points that should be included in each speech:

 Father of the Bride 

·         First to speak

·         Welcomes everyone to the reception

·         Thanks everyone involved in planning the wedding

·         Speaks proudly of his daughter and welcomes the groom to the family

·         Proposes a toast to bride and groom


·         Speaks second

·         Speaks on behalf of himself and his new wife

·         Thanks the father of the bride for welcoming him to family

·         Thanks everyone who helped with the big day especially the best man and the bridesmaids

·         Thanks everyone for coming to the wedding and for their gifts

·         Praises his new wife

·         Toasts the bridesmaids


·         Master of ceremonies for the day

·         Introduces all speakers

·         Speaks last

·         Thanks groom on behalf of the bridesmaids (for the toast)

·         Thanks groom for the honour of being asked to be his best man

·         Compliments everyone on the great day

·         Tells stories about how the couple met / fell in love and of the stag party

·         Reads out messages from absent family and friends (letters/emails/telegrams)

·         Propose a toast to the bride and groom

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