What Will Rosie’s Wedding Planning Service Do for You:

I look after the practicalities so you can focus on the detail and fun aspects to planning your wedding – Rosie The Wedding Planner

From start to finish I know how to make planning your wedding in Italy stress free and enjoyable. This involves you handing over the tiresome, stressful tasks to me and my team so that you can enjoy planning the fun details, such as colour schemes, dress shopping, decor ideas and bouquet decisions!

We look after the necessary, but stressful tasks, including the top four stress points for destination couples:

Paperwork going missing or not being processed in time for a legal ceremony:

  • We look after the hand delivery and collection of your paperwork to the authorities in Italy to ensure it is processed in time for your wedding and doesn’t go astray!

Venues and service providers not returning calls or emails or they don’t speak English:

  • We do all the chasing and follow up calls for quotes and details with Italian venues and service providers, from the first enquiry to the day of your wedding, saving you hours of long distance telephone calls and stress.
  • I have a team on the ground in Italy who are fluent in English and Italian, so they can visit venues and services when necessary.

All the little things that you never thought about:

  • Sourcing and booking the details that only come up well into the planning process. Here’s what one recent client had to say:

“We realised a mobility scooter for my father would make his stay in Italy a lot more pleasant and easier for him. Searching online was useless as we did not speak Italian and didn’t know where to start. Rosie’s team sourced a hire company and negotiated hire for a week rather than the mandatory month they normally request. This, and one hundred other small details, that we had not thought of originally came up during the planning process and were handled with ease by Rosie and her team. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without them.”

Budget spiraling out of control with unforeseen charges:

  • Our quotes include all VAT and Taxes and there is no small print! What you are quoted is what you get for the quoted price not a cent more!

Companies disappearing with you money:

Booking a wedding abroad is a daunting task and recent horror stories of wedding companies liquidating and individuals disappearing with some couple’s hard earned cash doesn’t help your confidence! I have taken every precaution possible to ensure none of my clients feel such anxieties.

I am a sole trader who has been in business over 10 years, not a big faceless company or agency that can shut up over night. You have my home address and number from the outset, so you know where to find me!

Please be aware that if you book a venue or vendor in Italy directly or employ a wedding planner based in Italy and enter into the unfortunate circumstance of a dispute, it will be dealt with in the Italian courts which will require the additional expense of  hiring a legal translators and an Italian legal team. My business is fully insured and based in Ireland with a partner team also based in Italy and the USA, so no matter where you are you have peace of mind knowing that your legal matters would be dealt with locally in the very unlikely event of a dispute.

Once you pay your deposit you stay fully in control of your finances during your wedding planning.  You are not required to pay the final balance until 3 days to 8 weeks (depending on the location, and venue) before the wedding.

Rosie The Wedding Planner’s services include:

  • Organisation and coordination of every aspect of planning your wedding in Italy
  • Advice regards venues and location of the wedding to suit your budget, style and guest numbers
  • Booking of wedding services required 
  • Sourcing and booking of an English speaking priest or a legal celebrant for your wedding ceremony
  • Booking of wedding ceremony location
  • Nulla Osta assistance and legalisation with Italian law courts 
  • Overall coordination and consultation for the ceremony
  • All legal paperwork consultation and assistance 
  • Lodging of paperwork with local authorities for legal ceremonies
  • Marriage Certificate issuing fees, plus international, translated version following the wedding
  • Booking of accommodation required for your guests
  • Discrete presence of one of Rosie’s Professional Wedding Planners on site at your disposal for the day of the wedding
  • Meeting with you in Italy before the wedding
  • Wedding program with schedule of the event and services and useful phone numbers before departure
  • Menu and wine options and finalising
  • Flowers, decoration, music planning, etc., and finalising
  • Arranging transport (airport transfers, transport to and from ceremony venue to the reception venue, etc.)
  • Regular friendly assistance by e-mail from the date of the estimate until the day of your wedding from Rosie and her team in Italy
  • VAT and Taxes for all services included in your plan (so no unwelcome surprises!)
  • Advice about things to see and do 
  • Booking of tourist activities 
  • Car rental booking 
  • Bike rental booking 

What I don’t do: I don’t do the fluffy bits, such as flower arranging, invitation writing, dress shopping, shoe polishing, cushion puffing, etc. I delegate and hire people to do these things if needed. I am a professional events and project manager with over 20 years of international experience, who has organised events with royality, presidents, ambassadors, actors, bands and wonderful people I admire. I’ve been planning weddings for over 12 years and while I love hearing ideas for colour schemes, dresses, etc., my role is to help you plan the necessary ‘underside’ pieces which will minimize the stress and maximize the enjoyment of  planning your wedding in Italy, so that you get the day of your dreams without the stress!

How much will it cost: I have planned weddings with budgets of €2,500 (for just the couple and no guests) to €250,000 and I give all my clients 100% of my attention when dealing with their wedding, size of  budget makes no difference to the care I give you.

Bespoke weddings: Some couples, due to their circumstances or plans, do require a more ‘handheld’ bespoke service. I do offer bespoke wedding planning to a very limited number of clients per year. If you feel you need this service please do email me to discuss (minimum budget requirement €40,000).

So grab a cup of coffee (or tea) and while you decide if I’m the one for you, here’s a video to watch of what you will NOT experience with me (although I will make sure you have a Fab-UUL-USS wedding!)