While your clients may be nervous at the thought of making a speech at a wedding, assure them that this is probably the only time that they will have a completely welcoming and positive audience. Think of all the speeches made across the world every day to restless crowds, hostile audiences and bored people! They, on the other hand, will be talking to people who want to hear what they are going to say. The wedding speeches are one of the ‘talk after’ points of every wedding, so they should try to say something memorable. Although they may be addressing a large number of people, each and every one of those listening is rooting for them as much as for their most loved sports team.  After all, they are your clients’ guests or at least the guests of their friends or family and they are listening to your clients speak because of the great, wonderful and loving marriage that is taking place on this special day. Less is definitely more. Brevity is the soul of wit. And if they are nervous, then a short speech once started will finish sooner. Short and funny is better than long and boring.